Our Mission:

We are committed to providing evidenced-based ABA therapy to children and their families. Through individualized, consistent high quality services, we strive to increase communication, social skills, functional living skills, and overall quality of life for each child within our agency. Through compassion, understanding, and diligence we provide families with constant support and valid training, in order for them to provide exceptional care to their children.

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis is typically referred to as ABA. It is the systematic approach to influencing socially significant behaviors through the identification of environmental contingencies and the use of behavior change techniques. The field of ABA was founded by the work of B.F. Skinner. His work focused on why animals and humans engage in behaviors and how those behaviors continue or subside. Through his work and the continued research in ABA, the field  has gained knowledge on reducing (and eliminating) problem behaviors, increasing (and teaching) alternative behaviors, identifying important skill deficits, and teaching new skills (such as language, social skills, and daily living skills). ABA therapy focuses on what skills are significant for your child. Each program is individualized from the beginning (including the intake, assessment, and written behavior plan) and throughout the direct therapy process (monitoring progress, adapting programs, and adding goals important to your family). 

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