"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is with this meeting that a new world is born."

 -Anais Nin


The referral process begins with us getting to know some basic information about your family and answering any questions you may have about our agency. We currently have a waitlist and once slots open up for service we will proceed with the following process. We then proceed to an assessment, in which we identify individualized goals for your child and how to best meet your family's current challenges. At the end of the intake process, each family is provided with a one on one consultation meeting with the BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) to ensure effective communication about the outcome of the assessment, the plan for therapy, recommendations for sessions, and goals for your child. 


 Getting to Know Each Other:


We currently have a waitlist for services.


At Forbes Behavioral Services, we want to ensure that our BCBA’s maintain a manageable case load in order to ensure that all clients receive high quality care and individualized services.

If you decide to be placed on our waitlist, please know that you can still continue to search for other service providers. Being on our waitlist does not bind you to services with us. We understand waitlists progress differently and our priority is to ensure that your child receives services from a qualified service provider.


Once a slot opens up we will proceed with the following steps: 


Intake Appointment

During the initial intake, the BCBA will meet with your family to discuss your child’s diagnosis, history of therapy, current challenges, and your goals for ABA. This session is focused on gaining information from your perspective and how we can best serve your family. We encourage your child to be present for an introduction and brief observation of skills. 




Based on the information you provide the BCBA and the brief observations during the intake, an appropriate evidence based assessment will be conducted during a one to one session with your child. The assessment will include identification of skill deficits within the domains of communication skills, social skills, functional living skills, and tolerance skills. The assessment will also include a functional assessment of problem behavior, including data collection, detailed observation notes, and a formal analysis of possible maintaining variables. 



Written Behavior Plan

With the information gathered during the intake and the assessment, the BCBA will complete a written behavior plan (within 10 business days of completed assessment). The behavior plan will consist of client history/background, summary of assessment, summary/outline of skill acquisition goals, summary/outline of target behaviors and data collection, summary of behavior management guidelines, identified parent goals, summary of recommendations for services, and outlined policies/procedures of agency. 





Family Consultation

After completion of the behavior plan, the BCBA will review plan with family in face-to-face meeting. The BCBA and family members will review and discuss components within the behavior plan. You and your family will sign behavior plan and set up a schedule for one to one ABA therapy.